What Are We Eating? (Fancy Feast Edition)


Well, folks, things took a turn for the interesting around here, and getting proper has been pretty low on the list. But we’re always cooking and playing in the kitchen, so consider this the first of a newly created regular series—What Are We Eating?—a quick slideshow recap of what we’ve been making, tasting, and creating. Lotsa tasty stuff goes down in the The Naughty Kitchen & Food Lab(tm), too much to fully chronicle. So now we’re fully chronicling it. 

The big news here is Melanie’s tryout out for something we chef types refer to as “a sweet, steady paying gig.” It’s kind of a high profile client. Obviously we’re not naming names, but it’s Courtney Love. Really. 

No, not really. But this’ll read a lot easier if I can use a name, so we’re going with that.

Anyway, it turns out Courtney Love is the Mayor of Fancy Town, where all the plating is beautiful and the kitchens speak French. Of course, French-speaking kitchens don’t scare either of us. We can speak the language—a rough, mountain-inflected variation of it, anyway, where the sounds aren’t so nasal and the words are in English. But Melanie wasn’t going to let a little grammar get in the way of her invitation to Fancy Town. When life hands you the opportunity to cook for Courtney Love, you take it. And then you spend the weekend figuring out a bone broth demi-glace, because that’s how Courtney loves to dress her filets. Needless to say, there have been some pretty exciting testing/tasting sessions happening, and Fancy Town doesn’t know what hit it. 

Oh, and we taught some friends how to cook vegan, made stir-fries out of stuff in the fridge, and scored a free pizza. Not a bad of week of eating at all.

Now let's dig in to some food.