Photo by Amy Zawacki

Photo by Amy Zawacki


Meet the naughty vegetarian

Founder and Executive Cook Melanie Gregg (aka Melanaki) IS The Naughty Vegetarian. Her obsession with delicious food and the creative process of cooking drives this endeavor. As a former food photographer, small local farm owner, and long-time feeder of the is no surprise she continues to commit more and more time to the kitchen.

"I love to eat. I am a carb-and-cheese-aholic so sometimes I need to reign myself in. I try to eat healthy most of the time but I don't want my meals to suck. I learned over a decade ago that the best way to accomplish that is to make it myself."

As A Company

We mostly cook vegetarian, but not always. We love produce, but also bacon. We are consumed by making, serving, and eating food.

We cook all types of food for all types of people. Whether you want Moroccan Lentil Stew or our signature Mac-n-Cheese, Vegetable Thai Curry or Spicy Enchiladas, Vegan Bulgogi or Savory Smoked Brisket...we've got your back. We are super creative, love to source seasonal ingredients, and menu creation is our jam (spicy plum is also our oughta' try it). We are just obsessed with cooking. And eating.

Sometimes it's naughty. Sometimes it's nice. But it's always delicious.

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