Eating is pretty much the best thing ever. 

And cooking (for us) is a close tie. We offer a wide variety of menu options to suit our eaters. We are happy to handle the menu creation, collaborate until we hit the menu jackpot, or take a "Your wish is our command" stance.

Some food for thought:

Not trying to brag, but we're pretty fun.

We make our own sauces

We knead our own bread because we need our own bread

We love to listen to music while we cook (& will make a custom playlist for you if you're into it)

Meat-eaters love our vegan and vegetarian food

Sometimes we just need mac-n-cheese and smoked meat (and gummy bears)

We are super into ethnic food

We obsessively meal plan

We constantly fantasize about pizza (and eat it too often)

Cleaning the kitchen isn't as fun as the cooking and eating part but we do a bang-up job nonetheless

Our soups are amazing

Cooking is a labor of love: we gave up being rich years ago

Trust us: there's enough in your fridge and pantry right now for us to make a rockin' meal